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Programming, Automation, Consulting, Support and Device Repair.

Utilizing our extensive and in-depth IT skills acquired from various projects in both personal and professional settings since 2015, we can provide you with customized and cutting-edge solutions for your automation challenges.

Let software work for you!

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Offered Languages

  • C
  • C#
  • Java
  • Jaascript (+ HTML & CSS)
  • PHP
  • Python
  • VB.NET
  • VBA
  • Microsoft Power Fx (Power Automate, Power Apps, ...)

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Example Programming Tasks

  • Autodesk Inventor
    • Automatically export your PDF to a predefined path based on the data from your title block when you save
    • Clean up your drawing automatically when you open it
    • Update your symbols from a template with one click
    • Update your title block from a template with one click (see Github)
    • Create automatic piping with a simple button click (see Instagram)
    • Convert an assembly to a part easily (for example, if you import a large STEP-file, see Github)
  • Autodesk AutoCAD
    • Export PDF with just one button click
    • Update old drawing layers in old drawings automatically
    • Automatically cut lines with predefined distance for your piping plans
    • Use a python script to convert SHX-notes to normal text in PDF's (see Github)
    • Merge multiple PDF's with one command (see Github)
  • Siemens NX
    • Export PDF with just one button click
    • Multi-export by a list of drawing numbers easily
    • Automatically clean up your drawing with one button click
  • Word
    • Apply a template to your file with one click
  • Excel
    • Apply a template to your file with one click
    • Get your own custom functions for advanced calculations
    • Edit pivot table source directly via a click into the pivot table cell (see Github)
  • PowerPoint
    • Apply a template to your presentation with one click
  • Outlook
    • Automatically save an email as a file under a predefined path when you move it into a folder
    • Extract information from incoming emails automatically
    • Run a bot as soon as an email arrives to perform various tasks
    • List all newsletter subscriptions to unsubscribe easily (see Github)
  • Microsoft 365 (Power Automate, Power Apps, etc.)
    • Filter incoming emails in a shared mailbox, move them into a subfolder and categorize them automatically
    • Create a Power App to allow users to edit only their own items in a list
    • On form submit, send an email and store information to a status list automatically
    • Automatically create a new contact if a customer or supplier sending an email or filling out a form is not in your contacts
  • Websites / Browser Applications
    • Platform independent learning-applications for students (see Github)
    • Realization of web-based project ideas (see Github)
    • Creation of you own individual website (see Github)

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Examples for Hardwareapplications

  • Microcontroller (Arduino, STM32, etc.)
    • An individual irrigation system (see Github)
    • CO2, humidity and temperature level measurement (see Github)
    • Custom g-code-interpreter for your machine (see Github)
    • Stairsclimbing robot firmware (see Github)
  • Linux Devices (Raspberry PI, Onion Omega etc.)
    • Analyze, calculate and evaluate data with powerful codes
    • Download and display the most important information about weather or stock market on a screen
    • Robotics applications using ROS
  • Android Devices
    • Game development
    • Individuelle Apps für Ihr Unternehmen
    • Apps zur Navigation eines Shops oder einer Webseite
  • Windows Devices
    • Use a python script to convert SHX-notes to normal text in PDF's (see Github)
    • Merge multiple PDF's with one command (see Github)
    • Store your files in a path defined by a predefined pattern and organize them easily
    • Integrated app for Microsoft Office for enhancement of your productivity

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  • General Pricing Information
    • Our pricing is tailored to the individual needs of each project, taking into account factors such as the type, duration, complexity, and deadline of the assignment!
    • Students, private individuals, and small startups, as well as particularly promising license-based projects, can especially benefit from substantial discounts! We’re committed to supporting your success and growth.
  • Flat Rate Costs
    • Take advantage of our attractive flat rate costs - predictable and risk-free. With us, you have full cost control and can optimally allocate your budget.
  • Stundenbasis
    • We offer the option to bill orders on a traditional hourly basis! This ensures maximum transparency and control. You only pay for the work effectively done, not a cent more.
  • Pay
    • Do you have a limited budget but still want to realize a project with promising success? Take advantage of our attractive and risk-free license agreements! Our pricing is tailored to your unique needs and is influenced by the success factors of your software, like the orders you receive through the website we delivered or the use of an API. Plus, you always have the freedom to buy out of a license agreement and claim all the rights within the agreement. Your success is our success!
*Whether flat rate costs are applicable must be considered on an individual basis.