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Programming, Automation, Consulting, Support and Device Repair.

Utilizing my extensive and in-depth IT skills acquired from various projects in both personal and professional settings since 2015, I can provide you with customized and cutting-edge solutions for your automation challenges.

Let software work for you!

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Offered Languages

  • C
  • C#
  • Java
  • Jaascript (+ HTML & CSS)
  • PHP
  • Python
  • VB.NET
  • VBA
  • Microsoft Power Fx (Power Automate, Power Apps, ...)

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Example Programming Tasks

  • Autodesk Inventor
    • Automatically export your PDF to a predefined path based on the data from your title block when you save
    • Clean up your drawing automatically when you open it
    • Update your symbols from a template with one click
    • Update your title block from a template with one click (see Github)
    • Create automatic piping with a simple button click (see Instagram)
    • Convert an assembly to a part easily (for example, if you import a large STEP-file, see Github)
  • Autodesk AutoCAD
    • Export PDF with just one button click
    • Update old drawing layers in old drawings automatically
    • Automatically cut lines with predefined distance for your piping plans
    • Use a python script to convert SHX-notes to normal text in PDF's (see Github)
    • Merge multiple PDF's with one command (see Github)
  • Siemens NX
    • Export PDF with just one button click
    • Multi-export by a list of drawing numbers easily
    • Automatically clean up your drawing with one button click
  • Word
    • Apply a template to your file with one click
  • Excel
    • Apply a template to your file with one click
    • Get your own custom functions for advanced calculations
    • Edit pivot table source directly via a click into the pivot table cell (see Github)
  • PowerPoint
    • Apply a template to your presentation with one click
  • Outlook
    • Automatically save an email as a file under a predefined path when you move it into a folder
    • Extract information from incoming emails automatically
    • Run a bot as soon as an email arrives to perform various tasks
    • List all newsletter subscriptions to unsubscribe easily (see Github)
  • Microsoft 365 (Power Automate, Power Apps, etc.)
    • Filter incoming emails in a shared mailbox, move them into a subfolder and categorize them automatically
    • Create a Power App to allow users to edit only their own items in a list
    • On form submit, send an email and store information to a status list automatically
    • Automatically create a new contact if a customer or supplier sending an email or filling out a form is not in your contacts
  • Websites / Browser Applications
    • Platform independent learning-applications for students (see Github)
    • Realization of web-based project ideas (see Github)
    • Creation of you own individual website (see Github)

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Examples for Hardwareapplications

  • Microcontroller (Arduino, STM32, etc.)
    • An individual irrigation system (see Github)
    • CO2, humidity and temperature level measurement (see Github)
    • Custom g-code-interpreter for your machine (see Github)
    • Stairsclimbing robot firmware (see Github)
  • Linux Devices (Raspberry PI, Onion Omega etc.)
    • Analyze, calculate and evaluate data with powerful codes
    • Download and display the most important information about weather or stock market on a screen
    • Robotics applications using ROS
  • Android Devices
    • Game development
    • Individuelle Apps für Ihr Unternehmen
    • Apps zur Navigation eines Shops oder einer Webseite
  • Windows Devices
    • Use a python script to convert SHX-notes to normal text in PDF's (see Github)
    • Merge multiple PDF's with one command (see Github)
    • Store your files in a path defined by a predefined pattern and organize them easily
    • Integrated app for Microsoft Office for enhancement of your productivity